Roots and Mission
Based on a long-time experience and an analytical examination of design objects of the art and crafts era
and its main designers, laminote is developing every-day products as well as custom made high-end items.
Contemporary technologies and a network of outstanding handcraft companies are providing new products with matter and value. 
3D visualisations based on CAD are a standardized process at the pre-stage of product development.
During the first years after the establishment of the label the focus was on exploring new material and adequate techniques of processing. 
Today simple solutions in terms of production and material with focus on the environment have proven to be the right path.
The principles of this design studio are to be modern not trendy. (Adolf Loos)
In the near future the focus will be the development and production of concepts and products for “Licht” (lights). 
Consulting and conception for “lights” in public or private space are available. 

Burghard Scherz    studio laminote


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